Meet Dave, the Smartphone 07/02/2014
Have your clumsy fingers damaged enough smartphones for one lifetime? Check out Telstra's Dave!
Meet Dave, the Smartphone

Who’s Dave?

Telstra have released a new smartphone and can you guess what they called it? “Dave”! This rugged device is targeted as being your new best mate. What do we want in our bestest, best buddies – strength and reliability of course!

As most Aussies are aware we’re a clumsy bunch when it comes to handling our smartphones. A recent Telstra survey revealed 79% of the damage we cause to our mobile devices is because of our own blundering fingers (and maybe caffeine). Can you guess what the second most popular cause of phone damage was? That’s right - water damage! In particular the dreaded incident where you drop your phone down the toilet, we all know it happens we just don’t like to admit it. Designing a mobile for us isn’t an easy task but Telstra have managed to come up with something pretty spectacular. When testing the new Android device they decided to take the phone around the Tough Mudder obstacle course and not surprisingly Dave made it through with flying colours! 

What has this Android got to offer?

Dave is powered by none other than Android and has access to the Google Play Store. One of Dave’s successes is that he is Blue Tick rated and has been recommended for rural and regional handheld coverage (crowd goes wild!). We all know there’s nothing worse than being on the road trips of all road trips and desperately needing to check your bank balance or make a transfer and blip, no reception! 

Dave is there for you no matter what challenges you face – dust in the environment, accidental drops and falls, the dreaded water damage – not a problem for our Dave!  Some of his other amazing features are the 2500mAh battery that keeps your fingertips tapping for longer and for those in 4G areas you can sleep sound knowing you can enjoy superfast downloads and stream all those viral videos with ease.

How to take care of your new beloved mobile device

Now when it comes to getting a case for this tough phone it gets a bit challenging, but never fear, at Sprout we have you covered (literally). We have designed a case specifically with Dave in mind. A Tuff Case for a tough phone. This case features dual protection with a soft yellow silicon interior and a hard black plastic shell. 

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