iPad Air vs Kindle Fire 26/09/2014
The Apple iPad Air and Amazon Kindle battle it out in a tablet war.
iPad Air vs Kindle Fire

Given the love and intelligence that have gone into the production of both the iPad Air and the Kindle Fire, it's not proving easy for consumers to decide which tablet is the better choice. Right here, we're going take a close look at how the two measure up by focusing on a handful of important factors.

Display: pixels, colours and brightness

Before going ahead, we must point out that both the iPad Air and the Kindle Fire offer mind-blowingly high resolution. As in, you probably need x-Ray vision to be able to pick out the difference and you're hardly likely to notice it when using your ereader. That said, here's the lowdown. When it comes to pixels, the Kindle Fire comes out on top, with an incredible 2560 x 1800 pixel display against the iPad Air's 2048 x 1536. 

However, what the iPad Air has that the Kindle Fire doesn't is Apple's trademark Retina display. When it comes to viewing, this means that the iPad Air boasts brighter colours, but the Kindle Fire allows you to see with a little bit more depth. What's more, the iPad Air has a slightly bigger screen, at 9.7 inches, while the Kindle Fire's is 8.9 inches. 

Design: looking and feeling good

Apple's design is often hard to beat. But the Kindle Fire puts up a pretty good fight, with a brand new ultra-sleek body featuring an angle on every single edge. Plus it's super-compact, weighing in at 0.89 pounds (versus the iPad Air's 1.05 pounds). What possibly lets the Kindle Fire down is its plastic back - the Apple's classic aluminium translates to a more elegant appearance and feel, emphasised by its cutaway chrome edges. 

Interface: navigating your way around

Both devices offer some serious upgrades when it comes to the interface. The Kindle is equipped with the Fire 3.1, which retains its old-school grid and easy access to recently-opened content, but has now gained 'Quick Switch': with a single swipe (and, significantly, without having to go home), you can find all open apps. The iPad Air, on the other hand, boasts the smooth iOS 7, which is even more minimalist and well-organised than its predecessor and includes a better notifications window. 

Apps: numbers versus price

When it comes to numbers, the Apple store comes out the winner. There are close to a million apps available, of which nearly half are designed to work proficiently on the iPad Air. Amazon, on the other hand, offers just 100,000 apps. However, the positive aspect of the Amazon store is that three-quarters of its apps won't cost you a cent. 

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