15 Interesting Ways Mobile Devices Affect the Way We Date 13/01/2014
A study of singles reveals 15 ways our mobile devices affect the way we date.
15 Interesting Ways Mobile Devices Affect the Way We Date

 It’s true, most of us can’t live without our smartphones but some recent research by US dating sites and turns up some interesting stats on the way use our phones and tablets when it comes to dating.

Singles of all age brackets were surveyed about how they use their phones to get to know other singles, date and even break up. Here’s some of what came up.

Mobiles Make Dating Easier

55% of all singles think meeting and getting to know people they might want to date is easier, thanks to their mobile devices. Singles under 34 feel pretty strongly about that with mobiles becoming less important to the older singles. 

44% of guys say mobile devices make flirting and getting to know someone easier. Only 37% of women agree with that. 

Mobile Communication Makes For Better Relationships

It looks like our mobiles are our best friends when it comes to dating, with 64% of singles saying their mobile devices actually improve the quality of the relationships they have with people they’re dating or want to date.

Almost 75% of singles under 26 are absolutely confident about this. 

Texting More, Chatting Less

36% of singles said they talk to the people they’re dating or want to date less because they text so much and more than a third say asking someone on a date was much easier by text. 

On the flip side though, more than half of them said they might say no to a casual date by text and 24% would be prepared to end an exclusive relationship that way!

Hey, How You Doing?

So why is text such a big part of the dating process? 

Text is good because it’s more casual, we’re used to doing it and it’s easier when you’re busy. For singles, the biggest reason to text is to let someone know you’re thinking about them. 

Pick Up The Phone To Schedule A Date!

Texting to get to know someone is great but most people still think a phone call is in order to arrange a date.

20% of people will send a text message though, and if someone schedules a date on email, you’re dealing with one of only 5%!

Huh? What Is That Supposed To Mean?

More than half the singles in the survey say text messages can leave them guessing about what their date / potential date means in their messages. Are they catching up for an actual date or is it something else? 

Mobile Safety Blanket

Despite using mobiles so much to get to know potential dates before the big meet up, it turns out there are plenty of singles who still have reservations with 33% of singles aged 27-34 asking someone to call and check they’re OK during a date.

Dating On the Go

68% of singles use their mobile devices to access dating sites. In the 21-26 age bracket, that’s more than use a PC. About a third access dating sites with mobile devices when they’re out.

Come Hang Out!

Next time you get a text message inviting you to hang out with a group of friends rather than go on a ‘real’ date, don’t sweat it. More than 40% of singles think this is the norm today.

Response Time Matters!

Not too long, if you’re dating someone under 34! About 50% of them have been upset because someone took too long to respond to their message. Oh, and girls are more likely to be upset than guys!  

How Long Is Too Long To Respond?

60% of singles expect a response within three hours, but if you’re looking to date one of the 35% who expect you to reply within an hour (or one of the 12% of women who will be upset if you don’t reply instantly), you’d better start tapping away fast!

Warning: Text Overload!

Sending too many text messages to someone you’re dating in one day could annoy almost a half of singles. So how many is too many?

Send 10 or more messages in a day and you risk annoying 71% of the people who don’t like receiving too many messages. 15 or more messages in one day and you’ll still be annoying more than half of them, (especially if they’re over 35)!

Communicating After a Date

When a date goes well, 50% of singles on average prefer to receive a phone call but 45% of singles in the 21-26 age group actually prefer to receive a text. Of course to get that average, the older age groups have a much stronger preference for a phone call.

And don’t leave it longer than 24 hours to make contact if you’ve had a good date! 78% of people will want to communicate by then, but the majority of both guys and girls agree it doesn’t matter who makes contact first, there’s no need to wait around!

Smartphone Etiquette on a Date

The vast majority keep their phones out of site when they’re on a date but most still find a way to check it sometime during the date.

Only 4% of people will have their phone on and in front of them. And if they have a good excuse, 81% of people wouldn’t mind if they responded to a call or message.

Smartphone Secrets

34% of singles say they would definitely not allow someone they’re dating to look through their phone, 44% are OK with it and the rest fit in the maybe category.

When it comes to suspected cheating, 48% of singles would try to check the person’s mobile device to get more info – girls are more likely to do this than guys.

Overall, most people would prefer to have someone go through their wallet than their mobile device!

Interested in learning more? Read the full report commissioned by the dating websites ChristianMingle and JDate.

So there you have it, smartphones and tablets are pretty much indispensable these days – even for dating.  

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