Keep Your New Samsung 4 Safe and Stylish 09/05/2013
Super stylin’ Sprout slams down stylish Samsung Galaxy S4 phone cases for you to shop on their splendid online store.
Keep Your New Samsung 4 Safe and Stylish

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed to the rafters with cool and innovative features that have its rivals running for cover. This phone brings some enviable design features with its sleek 5-inch HD screen, Google Android Jelly Bean operating system and its standout Air Gesture, Air View, Smart stay and Smart scroll features set. An investment in this new smart phone will no doubt impress your friends, colleagues and family, but it will also give you some real street-appeal.

A Sprout phone case will deliver some serious charm to your new technology crush. Our new Samsung Galaxy S4 cases have arrived and we are a wee bit excited about their style and design. Perhaps you need to have that baby all dressed up and matching you wherever you are? We know safe and style doesn’t usually go together, but we ensure our designs are both giving you a case that is funky and functional.

Whatever your style, Sprout will have something to match it. Our alloy case is chic and modern, giving you a futuristic look and for you fashionistas, it really taps into the Autumn/Winter metallic trend. The Side Flip case allows you to down-size by including a card slot and magnetic closure. A Tuff Case will give you peace-of-mind with our most sturdy case design to date. Its dual protection of soft silicon and plastic will leave you rest assured your phone is safe.  Sprout’s exclusive Cubed phone case has a distinctive 3D design, which features a hard shell for protection and a sheen finish for presentation.

Sprout has many more edgy, pretty, tough and stylish Samsung Galaxy S4 phone cases that will meet your needs and design aesthetic. Your focus is your new shiny smart phone and our focus is keeping it safe with flair.