Facebook Home Is Where The Heart Is 05/08/2013
Try the new Facebook phone on for size and see if it captures your heart.
Facebook Home Is Where The Heart Is  Facebook has taken over not just our PCs but our smart phones, social life, dinner tables, conversations, movies and intimate relationships. Okay the last option may be going a bit far (look, it’s complicated), but so is the newest Facebook phone concept according to some people. 
The Facebook phone is a program that will attach itself to the Android system to replace the phone’s home screen with Facebook home. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook calls it “the soul of your phone”. Instead of the home feed reflecting the Android  focus on apps such as email and daily deals notifications it will focus on people e.g. your Facebook friends. The system is being called “Coverfeed” and will use full-screen photos from your Facebook News Feed of status updates and notifications which transition as if they are a natural screensaver. 
The original Android style home screen will be available when users press down on their Facebook cover pic to open the normal app launcher. However, the Facebook phone program keeps itself open the entire time so Facebook is literally never more than a tap away.  

Keep on Chatting

Facebook chat will also populate screen space in and outside of the Facebook app and be represented by floating bubbles known as chat heads. These floating heads will show active conversations across the top of the screen which can be replied to by tapping on their face. It is an easy way to keep up with Facebook conversations without having to leave an outside app. 

Who gets it first?

HTC First is the first phone that will come pre-loaded with the Facebook home system while HTC One, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S4 will also be able to launch the system once it has been downloaded from Google Play.

But Who Pays For It?

Ads will more than likely find their way onto your home screen as well although no set timeframe has been given for this addition. Critics say that your smart phone will be used to record very specific information about your interests, habits, friends and movements to tailor advertising to suit you on your phone as well as your PC which will ultimately increase Facebook revenue and therefore its share price. Zuckerberg is pretty much betting that the Facebook phone concept will work as he believes people don’t just like Facebook he knows it is actually, to some, the single most important aspect of their smart phone. 
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