What operating system dominates the worldwide smartphone market? 12/09/2014
Android and iOS continue to dominate the worldwide smartphone market.
What operating system dominates the worldwide smartphone market?

As we know, Australians are addicted to their smartphones. We use them for all manner of things – from listening to music, to catching up on news and of course for calling and messaging. No doubt most people would struggle to cope if they were without their phone for more than a few hours!

According to the International Data Corporation (ICD), worldwide Android is far out in front as the smartphone operating system of choice, with a market share of 84.7 percent. Next is Apple's iOS with 12.7 percent and third is Microsoft's Windows Phone.

So how does our smartphone use compare to the rest of the world? Are we using the same operating systems? Or are we like the slightly strange and eccentric second cousin who just has to do things a little differently?!

According to the majority of research sources Australia’s favourite smartphone operating system is Android, with 66.5% of the market share. Apple’s iOS for iPhones is surprisingly a fair way back with 27%. Windows is a distant third, accounting for 5.7% of all smartphones.

Let’s take a look at a few other different regions. One thing is clear…it’s Android all the way…which to some may come as a shock considering the popularity of iPhones and their shiny mobile accessories.

The US

As in Australia, the majority of sources point to Google’s Android as the most popular smartphone operating system in the US, accounting for just over half of all smartphones. According to a report from research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Apple’s iOS operating system for iPhones is next with 41.4% of the pie.


Android also takes the top prize in China according to a report from Analysys International, doubling their market share recently. Apple is way further back in this market with only 5.7%. 


Android is also the most popular operating system in the UK commanding a 54.9 percent share, again according to Kantar. Apple’s UK share has decreased by 2.5 percent to remain at 29.9 percent. 


Android’s dominance is most pronounced in the massive market that is India, with a staggering 91% market share. Apple has really struggled to penetrate in India with only 2.3% of the market. 


In Malaysia the Android Operating System has a significantly large share of the market at 41%.


Surprise! Android is also flavour of the month with our friends over in Canada. Approximately 36 per cent use this operating system. The number of smartphone users who opted for Apple's iPhones, meanwhile, crept up from 23 per cent to 29 per cent.

It’s a popular dinner party topic – Android vs iPhone. The great thing about Android and probably the main reason for its worldwide popularity, is that you can use it to power up any smartphone apart from an iPhone. Many people don’t want to be limited to Apple and their apps, whilst others have fallen in love with the Apple brand and would never consider another. Without getting technical there’s not a lot separating the two so it really comes down to a matter of opinion…and perhaps budget.

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