Samsung exec leaks release date for Galaxy S5 08/01/2014
Samsung executive Dong-hoon Chang seems to have leaked the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date as well as the possibility of new materials.
Samsung exec leaks release date for Galaxy S5

A new year means a new Samsung Galaxy phone release but this time we could see it much sooner than expected if a recent article from inews24 are anything to go by.

According to the South Korean site, the Samsung Galaxy S5 (working name) will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February.

We’d dismiss this as idle gossip except that this epic leak comes from Samsung’s Executive Vice President and Head of Design Strategy, Dong-hoon Chang, who confirms the timing is ‘about right’.

It’s a bit unusual for Samsung to choose a show to launch their latest smartphone, at least that’s been the pattern for the last two years with independent launches of the Galaxy S3 in May2012 and the Galaxy S4 in March 2013. But they do launch their Galaxy Notes at tech shows and they used to launch their smartphones that way too, so it’s certainly possible.

Samsung Galaxy S5 material ‘under review’

With the rumour mill running hot on the topic of the Samsung Galaxy S5 for a while now, there’s been plenty of speculation about the new smartphone.

  • Will the Galaxy S5 come with a metal chassis as well as the polycarbonate one?
  • Will it have a flexible display?
  • Will it have eyeball scanning technology?
  • Will it have the new Samsung chip with 4GB of RAM in it?

Although they tried, inews24 didn’t get much more detail from Chang in their interview. He wouldn’t say whether there would be a change of material or a flexible display, only that these things were ‘under review’.

So we’re still keeping our ear to the ground for updates on the launch and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (as well as the ‘Milky Way Galaxy S5’ – rumoured to be Samsung’s code name for the new handset).

‘Milky Way Galaxy S5’ could be on the shelves in March

Whether or not Samsung announces the Galaxy S5 at the MWC, most sources agree we can expect to see it early this year with a good chance it will be available sometime in March 2014.

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