Apple Feeds iPhone Hunger with Release of new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c 11/09/2013
Apple's new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are everything the smart phone market was waiting for and more.
Apple Feeds iPhone Hunger with Release of new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

So we can finally squeal with delight that Apple has released the new iPhone 5s and to accompany it the iPhone 5c. They are both upgrades to the current iPhone 5 model with improved features and handling. The announcement of the two models has been long expected and the technology world was waiting with bated breath for it.

iPhone 5s

The new iPhone 5s is the direct upgrade of the iPhone 5. One of the most anticipated features was the inclusion of new body colours: gold, silver and ‘space grey’, also known as black. There had been rumours of the gold iPhone for weeks before the release and observers will be glad to see its inclusion in the line-up. The iPhone 5s will have the same screen size as the iPhone 5, but will run on the new A7 chip.

Inclusion of a finger print scanner has been the most welcomed new feature of the iPhone. It will allow users greater phone security as well as seamless purchasing at iTunes and the app store. Photographic features have been improved in the iPhone 5s to include a new wider lens, a f2.2 aperture, 8 megapixels, 15% larger sensor and a new flash to adjust colour and brightness.

The smart phone will also have a 3inch retina display, console level graphics, high-capacity battery, 4G compatibility, 4.0 Bluetooth, dual band wi-fi and front-facing Facetime HD camera.

iPhone 5c

Smart phones have remained at a higher price point since their arrival onto the mobile phone market and many people are simply not able to access them. Apple’s solution was to create a ‘budget’ model smart phone to fill that void. The iPhone 5c will also have the same size screen as the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. It will be made of a polycarbonate case in a choice of five colours: blue, green, pink, yellow and white. The phone will run on Apple’s A6 chip.

It will have the same rear camera as the iPhone 5, but will have an improved front facing camera which won’t be the same standard as the new iPhone 5s camera features.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c News

It is certainly early days for the new iPhone models but here is what the public can know for sure:
  • Both phones are available for pre-order from the 13th of September 2013
  • Phones will be in stores from Friday September 20th 2013
  • iPhone 5c will come in five colours
  • iPhone 5s will be available in champagne, silver and space grey
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