Get Cubed With the Phone Case of the Month 11/06/2013
Follow the trend and Get Cubed with Sprout’s Phone Case of the Month!
Get Cubed With the Phone Case of the Month

Sprout Inc is an online store delivering innovative and fresh designs for your electronics that provide style, safety and security. We want to design and develop cutting edge products that will excite and delight you. Our range of mobile and tablet accessories, chargers, audio and cable equipment are built with you in mind and this is certainly true with our trendy new Cubed case.

A big trend for phone cases at the moment is unique and artistic inspired design work. Cubed features a fresh 3D design in bold greens, blues and reds in a premium shiny finish to truly emphasise the arty concept. It’s hard PC shell for protection is an added bonus for this Samsun Galaxy S4 phone case.

The Cubed case is Sprout’s Phone Case of the Month. It is one of our newest phone case designs and it is proving an absolute hit with our customers. These bad boys are beacons for fashion-forward people who want a little something extra in their phone case design. They are selling out more quickly than a One Direction concert and you will need to act quickly to score yourself one of these funky phone cases.

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Go on – Get Cubed!

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