Sanitise Your Smart Phone in Your Sleep 26/08/2013
Check out the best way to clean and sanitise your smart phone with this development from a startup.
Sanitise Your Smart Phone in Your Sleep

Our smart phones are super handy with their travelling internet capabilities, collaborative games, weather updates, social connections and fart noise apps. But, did you also know that those miracle gadgets are one of the dirtiest things we come into contact with on a daily basis? Scientific research proved that some people’s phones are dirtier than a toilet seat – read about it in our ‘Eww! Our Mobile Phones Are Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat’ post.

The Search

Inventing a way to easily and efficiently clean and sanitise smart phones has been the subject of many people’s research ventures. The research makes it clear that everyone suffers from unhygienic mobile phones. In light of that it should really be at the top of any phone owner’s list to source a way to stop living with the germicidal enemy.

Clean up your act

An enthusiastic team has put their phone sanitising idea forward on Kickstarter called ‘PhoneSoap’. The portable and sleek looking device is a combination of a universal phone charger and a UV Sanitiser. It has powerful germicidal ultraviolet sanitising light that cleans and sanitises your phone whilst it charges. Right now it is in the product development stage but you are encouraged to put your name down for pre-orders and release notifications. Check it out at the PhoneSoap device website.

Can’t Wait?

Sprout stocks a range of sanitising and cleaning solutions for your mobiles, tablets and technology screens. Choose from handy wipes, cleaning cloths or cleaning solution kits to keep you safe from dodgy parasites and tummy rumbling bugs.

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