Executive Slim Folio Calls Shot Gun 26/09/2013
Sprout's Executive Slim Folio Case for the iPad is stylish, protective and great value.
Executive Slim Folio Calls Shot Gun

Clumsy? Don’t call the ambulance just call Sprout for one of our phat iPad cases

Sprout knows what’s cracking in the mobile and tablet world and you don’t have to be a big roller  to afford something from our range of mobile phone cases, tablet cases and accessories for your devices.

We noticed that you peeps have started favouring our Executive Slim Folio Case for your iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad 4 and we can’t blame you. It is one of our premium tablet cases designed to be fresh and functional. Sprout knows that it is easy to be clumsy so why not get a case for your iPad now so you won’t have to call the ambulance later.

This case is bananas with its slick leather finish which is super slim so you can bundle it up easily for your bag or briefcase. It has a magnetic strip on the front that flips the iPad to sleep or awake with a swish of the cover. Our folio case also sports a built-in hand strap which means you can use it while you are on the move.

Give it up for the Executive Slim Folio Case which will not only have you cheezin’ cause it’s so cool but because it would be so uncool for you to smash the iPad and look like a fool for not using protection.

Check out our range of cases and accessories to really ice out your mad iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or HTC One phone and avoid getting cut over being clumsy. 

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