Is the smartwatch market a goldmine? 06/03/2015
Will the Apple Watch will lead the smartwatch market this year?
Is the smartwatch market a goldmine?

When smartwatches first began entering the market in 2012, they didn’t quite hit the ground running with the force that technology moguls like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Apple, Casio, Cookoo, Google, and Windows quite expected. While there was a bit of hubbub around the new wearable piece of tech, it certainly hasn’t yet been embraced as the future of communications technology, and it may be a few years yet before it enters the mainstream.  

So what is it about the smartwatch that hasn’t made it 2015’s must-have item? Well, according to tech experts, it doesn’t quite have the ‘I need that product’ factor. After all, what can a smartwatch do that a smartphone can’t? Here we look at a few developments in the smartwatch industry that are set to reshape the product, and move it into one of the biggest goldmines of the technological industry. 

1.  Mobile payments

With pay-and-wave becoming an increasingly popular feature in mobile phones, it’s little surprise that new generations of the smartwatch are integrating this feature. With the ability to pay for a cup of coffee or your takeaway pizza simply by waving your hand over a sensor, it’s a strong plus for the smartwatch that puts it in the must-have category.

2. Health monitoring

It’s quite widely known that smartwatches will contribute to our ability to monitor our health. This is a step-up from the mobile phone, which is not always close enough to our body to do so. Many smartwatches will contain software that can help track elements such as heart rate, body temperature and even calorie intake. 

3. Efficiency on the job 

Smartwatches have the potential to change the way we work – allowing us to be part of a constant communication flow with the people around us. Mobile tracking, live updates and real-time monitoring are just some of the ways in which they stand to make jobs more efficient, particularly for those who work quite independently from their team. Smartwatches can provide on-the-go information that is readily accessible and visible at all times, which is especially good for people in high risk environments. 

4. Smartwatches: goldmine of the future

So, whilst smartwatches such as Meta Watch, Pebble and I’m Watch might not have hit the market with full force, expect to see them increasing in relevance and popularity in the years to come. The more integrated they allow people to become with their technology (imagine waving your hands in front of your truck to start it, or throwing away your front-door key), the more they become a viable vision of a new and improved future. 

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