The 5 Most Famous Phones in History 04/11/2013
Sprout has collated a list of the five most famous phones in history, but which ones have made the cut and why?
The 5 Most Famous Phones in History

Phones are one of our greatest sources of communication whether it is a hand-held burger phone or a super un-cool early nineties brick mobile phone. They enable communication when great distances separate us.

Over time phones have evolved not just in real life but on our screens too. The Sprout team have been arguing about the most famous phones in history as there are a number to choose from between early television shows, iconic cartoons and blockbuster films. Here is our list of the most famous phones in history:

The Red Bat Phone from Batman

It wasn’t just the phone for the 1966 version of the show that won our votes but the fact it connected Batman directly to the Commissioner which was so darn impressive.

Video Phone from The Jetsons

We’ll admit the cartoon was set in futuristic times but we are still rapt that it came up with Skype forty years before we got it on our Apple, Samsung or HTC phones.

Derek Zoolander’s Tiny Mobile Phone

Tiny mobile phones were so popular about 10 years and this one is the smallest we’ve seen. We love it!

James Bond’s Phone

In truth it doesn’t matter which version of the phone it is, we just love that they can all do amazing spy-related things.

The Matrix Phone

We know some phone calls are important, but a phone call that can transport you through worlds and mental dimensions – where do we sign up?

Sprout admits that we don’t have the list of famous phones all wrapped up even if we do have the edge on stylish tablet cases, functional AC phone chargers, quality iPod speakers and fashionable Mac Gear. We want you to tell us which are the most famous phones in history. Jump on to our Facebook or Twitter and tell us which phones you think need to join the list. 

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