Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks 04/07/2014
Check out these Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks, hand-picked to help you get the most out of your new phone.
Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks

Unleash the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy S5, with these 10 tips and tricks that have been designed to help you make the most of your mobile phone and discover all of the unique features that the S5 has to offer. 

1.    Don’t be scared to get it a little wet

The Galaxy Samsung S5 is unique because you can get it wet. This doesn’t mean you should take it scuba diving, but the S5 can be dropped in the toilet, splashed with rain or have a drink spilt on it and it will survive!

2.    Secure personal files or pictures with private mode

Secure personal files so that they can only be accessed using the personalised fingerprint scanner. Go to Settings -> Personalisation -> Private Mode and choose the files you wish to hide. This mode can be quickly enabled and disabled by swiping two fingers down on the notification tray. 

3.    Save battery life

The Samsung S5 has a long battery and an Ultra Power saving mode so that you can use your phone for longer. The Ultra Power saving mode turns the screen to black and white and closes features that will use up your battery life. 

4.    Your personal health advisor 

The S5 is the first smart phone to come with a heart monitor so that you can keep track of your health by setting goals and selecting workouts. 

5.    Keep your screen on for longer

Smart Stay uses the camera to sense if you are still looking at your Galaxy S5. This means it won’t dim the screen or turn off if you are still using it. Go to Settings -> Display and tick Smart Stay. 

6.    Make purchases with your fingerprint

Change your PayPal settings so that you can make purchases on your S5 using your fingerprint. Visit Settings -> Fingerprint -> Pay with PayPal to enable this awesome feature. 

7.    Control your phone with you voice

Use S-Voice or Google Now to control your S5 using voice commands. You can use this feature to discover pretty much anything on your mobile phone and even make calls and search the web. 

8.    Use your S5 as your TV remote 

Toss aside your old TV remote and use your Samsung S5 to change channels. This function is perfect for those of you who are constantly misplacing your remote control. Simply select “Smart Remote” from the App Drawer and press the remote control on screen then follow the instructions. 

9.    Use your camera when your screen is locked

Make sure that you don’t miss the perfect #selfie opportunity or memorable moment by launching your camera from the lock screen. Set the shortcut by heading to Settings -> Lock Screen. 

10. Lost phone contact information

If you are unlucky enough to misplace your Samsung Galaxy S5 then hope that a kind person finds it. From Settings -> Lock Screen and press “owner information” to enter your name, a phone number or email that can be visible on your lock screen just in case you lose your phone. 

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