Someone leaks the deets on next generation of iPhones 03/12/2013
Real or rumour? Apple plans for the largest iPhone yet with curved glass screen and amazing touch technology.
Someone leaks the deets on next generation of iPhones

So we have another rumour to share!

According to the latest goss in tech world, someone ‘familiar with the plans’ has told Bloomberg what they know about how Apple intends to evolve iPhones over the next 12 months or so!

This ‘person’ familiar with the most secretive tech company on the planet, has spilled the beans on the development of 2 new iPhones with larger, curved screens and enhanced touch capabilities. It all sounds pretty cool if it comes off but according to the informer, that won’t be before the end of 2014.

Apparently these are going to be the largest iPhones yet, with screens of 4.7 and 5.5 inches (almost as big as the Galaxy Note 3). They’ll be curved for the first time and the new touch technology is supposed to be seriously impressive.

We can see how the larger screens will be great for iPhone fans who have been jealous of android buddies who can watch a movie and read their email at once!

The curved screens are a bit of a mystery to us – no one seems to have much on what they’re for, but, knowing apple, at least they’ll look good! And we’re told the pressure sensitive technology could be seriously exciting for creatives, allowing a more realistic drawing, writing or painting experience. Wait until they put that in their iPads!

Apple has always developed products that never make it to the market and this could be just another test so we’re not getting too carried away just yet  After all, some of us only just opened up our brand new iPhone 5’s!

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