What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part Two 13/06/2014
In part 2 of What Your Smartphone Says About You, we look at the cult of Apple, with the iPhone.
What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part Two

Last time we looked at what your Android smartphone says about you. This week, it’s the iPhone’s turn in the hot seat. So, if the iPhone is your electronic mini-me, what does that say about you?

1.   You’re self-confident

And you probably show it with all those Instagram selfies (#nofilter) and Snapchats you take with the front-facing and back cameras. A survey of 2,000 smartphone owners by UK mobile provider TalkTalk found that iPhone users rated themselves more attractive than their Android and Blackberry counterparts. You also said that you enjoyed flirting, were highly ambitious and believed your boss rated you highly. But you’ve got an iPhone, so you can probably back it up - you’re always on the go, sending emails and texts or working on documents.

2.   You have a taste for luxury

An iPhone, 4 or 5, rates as one of the most expensive phones on the market today, both to purchase the handset and for contract rates. The same TalkTalk survey said you were the most well-travelled and spent the most on clothes and grooming.

3.   You like variety

And nothing says variety like your homescreen. All those colourful little icons. You’ve got it all, all the apps anyone could ever want. The iPhone adds a little spice to your life - listen to some music, check out social media or play a game while you wait for your coffee.

4.   You like convenience

Need to write a shopping list, buy a DVD, play a game, send a message, take a photograph? You’ve got an app for that. You chose the iPhone because you knew you could carry around a camera, a music player, a games console and an internet browser in one 112 gram package.

We bet you’re salivating at the announcement of iOS 8 - cut down on doctor’s appointments with HealthKit sending them instant updates on your stats or open your front door and turn off the alarm in one swipe with HomeKit. And what about Active Notifications? Try not to swoon, but come October, you’ll be able to reply directly to a notification in the notification centre itself, without leaving the app you’re in.

5.   You probably live in constant fear

Understandably so. The sleek finish of the iPhone is so easily chipped. Cracked screen? It’s enough to make most people wake up in a cold sweat. Any moment of butterfingers or pocket slippage is enough to provoke cardiac arrest. You know that there’s a guy in the mall who replaces screens on the cheap, but you worry it might not just the same as before, so a new phone would be in order. We can also highly suggest the tempered glass screen protector  to alleviate this fear, as this thing is almost bulletproof! (No official testing has been undertaken with bullets obviously!

But we also know that your favourite feeling is that swooping rush of relief when the iPhone hits the dirt and picks itself up unharmed (well, metaphorically speaking - we probably won’t see a walking, talking iPhone til at least iOS 12) like Rocky! Why not give your nerves a break and purchase a case that’s both stylish and tough.

Are you a Blackberry user? Tune in to our next article to find out what that curvaceous beauty says about you! In the meantime, why not browse Sprout’s extensive range of mobile and electronic products from the brand that is fun, environmentally aware and different, with a splash of attitude?

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