Tips and Tricks to Get The Most Out Of Your HTC One 17/07/2013
Use your HTC One like a pro with this useful quick-start guide.
Tips and Tricks to Get The Most Out Of Your HTC One Show us a person who reads a product manual from cover to cover before they start using something and we will give you a fire-breathing dragon. Reading manuals just isn’t on most people’s list of priorities even if manufacturers are insightful enough to post them on the internet. But, hey, if you are the type of person who gets excited about reading a manual then hats off to you. Alternatively, if a ‘quick-guide’ or ‘top-tips’ is more your style check out ours for the HTC One below. 

How to customise the lock screen

If you want to pretty up your lock screen simply head to Settings > Personalise to add your choice of photo or wallpaper. You can also select an image from your Gallery or add the music player, email, messages, call data and calendar to it as well. 
Apps can also be added to the dock by tapping and holding them before dragging them to it. Alternatively you can take apps from the dock by holding them and dragging them up to launch into them directly. 

How to take a screenshot

You can choose two ways to do this as both of them save the photo directly to your Screenshots album in Gallery > My Photos. 
Firstly you can hold down the Power button and the Home key until you hear the camera shutter sound and see an animation on the screen.
Secondly hold down the Power button and the Volume down button until you hear the camera shutter noise. 

How to customise or banish the BlinkFeed

HTC chooses the content that appears on your BlinkFeed and if it doesn’t interest you, you’ll want to change it to suit your tastes. You can do this by firstly tapping the Home key and then dragging down from the top slightly until a small menu appears. A search function represented by 3 vertical dots will allow you to choose the Highlights by individually selecting which apps, websites, services and categories the feed draws its information from. 
Alternatively, you can ditch BlinkFeed by tapping on the options icon and choosing ‘customise home screen’. Here you can see small icons of the homescreen and by tapping and dragging it to the text saying ‘Set as home’ you can change the homescreen appearance.

How to use the awesome functions of HTC One to create a TV remote control 

By simply choosing Start on the Set up HTC remote page your HTC One will use the IR blaster to enable its use as a TV remote for most leading TV brands. It will also suggest content based on your preferences and you can tell it what type of show you are looking for while you are using it as a TV remote. 

Hot tips for the camera

The camera has loads of fancy features which can really enhance your images. 
For filters tap the colourful icon at the bottom right when inside camera app and have a play. There are also editing tools to really tweak your photos. HDR is the best mode for optimum results. 
The ‘Zoe Capture’ takes 20 still images in a three-second video clip so you can edit, break-up and reuse the images as you wish, all of which are easily shared to family and friends through the free HTC share service.  
HTC One automatically creates a Highlight video which combines photos and Zoe captures to create one collection. You can customise it with filters, music and by selecting which images to keep and discard by unselecting boxes. 
There is also an option to shoot full HD video and slow-mo’ videos too. Whatever you choose is supported by logical folder saving and easy sharability. 

How to speed up your phone

Increase battery power and loading time by switching off some animations. Simply go to Settings > Developer options > Advanced. Alternatively you can disenable background programs by going to Settings > Apps and swipe to All, then select each app in the list you wish to disable. 

Handy Shortcuts

1. By tapping the Notifications bar you will always return to the top of the page.
2. View the nine most recently used apps by double tapping the Home key.
3. Launch Google Now by simply long pressing on the Home key. 
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