Get the Most Juice Out of Your Mobile Phone Battery 11/11/2013
Here is a list of the best ways to get the most of your mobile phone battery and make sure you never have to suffer a dead weight mobile phone.
Get the Most Juice Out of Your Mobile Phone Battery

It’s the most annoying problem smartphone users face. We all want quality batteries for our smartphones so we can use them for longer periods for their swag apps and functions. However, we can’t use them as much as we want if a mobile phone battery is unable to keep powering on. So, what’s the solution?

Sprout has been hunting around the internet, asking fans and questioning our fantastic team about ways they know of to increase mobile phone battery so you never again suffer the zing of “Warning 10% Battery Power Remaining”.

Here are the best ways to help your Apple, Samsung or HTC conserve its battery power:

  1. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – switch them on only when needed
  2. Reduce the screen brightness by a small amount to improve battery life but not to completely change your viewing experience
  3. Be very, very quiet – turning off your keytones, reminder tones and decreasing your ring volume can all help conserve energy and avoid ticking people off
  4. Close apps down once you are done, as leaving them open is a real downer for your battery
  5. For dire battery stages, avoid any internet surfing, picture scrolling or game playing and use the standby time for emergency phone calls… or whatever YOLO
  6. Avoid letting your smartphone’s battery run out altogether – that little act is pure evil and will make you a battery killer
  7. Turn off GPS tracking…you know, unless you are lost
  8. Turn off the screen whenever you are not actively using your phone – what’s the point of leaving your phone lit for a glowing pocket anyway?
  9. Shun notifications and syncing, you’ll live if you don’t realise that someone outbid you on eBay

If you do find yourself facing that smile-killing message, be sure to have a quality and efficient smartphone charger on standby. Sprout has a range of both mobile phone AC Chargers and Car phone chargers so you can be sure you’ve got power when you need it. 

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