Come up for air - Apple's iPad Air 2 is here 14/11/2014
You’ve heard the hype – but how does the iPad Air 2 stack up?
Come up for air - Apple's iPad Air 2 is here

No sooner have we come up for air than another new product from Apple takes our breath away. This time, it’s the iPad Air 2.

What’s new with the iPad Air 2? It boasts enhancements and new features that will have tablet enthusiasts walking on air.

Look and feel

The iPad Air 2 has some subtle look and feel changes that are not obvious but will appeal to users. The case is a thinner 6.1mm (iPad Air 1 is 7.5mm) and, as you’d expect with a thinner case, the weight has reduced to 437g for the Wi-Fi version and 444g for the 3G version (iPad Air 1 is 469g and 478g).

The design of the iPad Air 2 is much the same as the iPad Air 1, with the exception that the microphone holes are now on the side of the camera and the speakers are now a discreet single row of holes. The mute and orientation lock has also gone.

The screen hasn't changed but technical tweaking means it is now firmer and more responsive to the touch, making swiping and tracking more fluid. It also benefits from anti-reflective coating.


The camera remains high on the priority list for many users. The iPad Air 2 camera will not disappoint with an enhancement from five megapixels to eight megapixels, meaning more detail, greater adaptability to light conditions and generally better pics.

The iPad Air 2 also introduces slow motion and time lapse video, a timer and improved FaceTime camera.

Touch ID

The iPad Air 2 comes with the popular fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock the device, unlock apps and verify purchases from the App Store. It can also be used for buying things from online shopping sites that utilise this technology.

Battery life

You may think that reduced battery life must be the price to pay for all these improvements, but surprisingly not. Thanks to the new A8X chip (more info below) and other proprietary benefits, the iPad Air 2 promises 10 hours battery life.

Other features

For those who like some technical detail, the iPad Air 2 has additional features that are worth mentioning.

  • It comes with the latest iOS8 pre-installed making performance of apps and tracking faster.

  •  It contains a new processor chip – the A8X – which makes the CPU performance speedier than the iPad Air 1 (great for games, video and photo editing apps).

  • It utilises new 802.11ac technology meaning better Wi-Fi connectivity than the iPad Air 1.

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