Top Trends in Mobile Accessories and Phone Cases 03/02/2014
The future of mobile accessories and phone cases is here. What is your dream mobile accessory?
Top Trends in Mobile Accessories and Phone Cases

Looking at 2,000+ mobile accessories released since 2011, a TrendsSpotting research report identified some interesting trends in the fast moving mobile accessories world.

With loads of apps for almost anything you could want, the most important shift is toward the development of sophisticated hardware devices and accessories that can make the most of our smartphones and tablets.

Top Mobile Accessory Trends

The most exciting innovations in mobile accessories fall into 4 key product categories:

  1. New Smart Solutions
  2. Power
  3. Entertainment
  4. Protection

New Smart Solutions

The really cool stuff happens when clever apps are combined with physical technology that can turn a phone into something else altogether.

We're talking about gadgets to monitor health and fitness, monitor a pet or baby, turn a phone into a game station or even locate things like people or objects.


With so many devices using so much battery power, staying charged has led to some outstanding new product design. Charging mats or stations that can power up multiple devices at once are definitely a growth area.

Portable solutions are also big with a wide range of pocket sized chargers that can boost the battery on a smartphone or tablet while you're on the go.


Devices that can enhance the visual and audio features already on a smartphone is proving popular. Things like a portable projector for doing a slideshow from your phone or tablet (or projecting TV or a movie onto a wall) was cool.

There's also a sub-category for kids entertainment which looks like it will be a huge development area moving forward.


Although the world of mobile accessories now extends far beyond phone cases and device skins, we still take the business of protecting our phones and tablets pretty seriously.

When it comes to phone cases, the report found that people are looking for a mixture of:

We're excited about new trends in mobile accessories and phone cases and look forward to introducing some exciting new developments of our own in 2014. Tell us what you'd like to see.

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