7 of the best HTC One M8 features 09/05/2014
The new HTC One M8 features a number of innovations that you wont find on most smartphones. Here are a few good reasons to take a look at the One M8.
7 of the best HTC One M8 features

Not only does the HTC One M8 look the way you’d expect a premium smartphone to look, HTC have also worked hard on improvements and some new features that set this phone apart from the smartphone crowd.

Here’s a look at the kind of innovation we’re talking about – the 7 things we love most about the HTC One M8.

1.    BlinkFeed

OK, so it’s not new if you have an HTC One M7 but it will feel a bit different. Anyone who hasn’t used BlinkFeed before is in for a cool surprise!

BlinkFeed acts like a hub for all your social media accounts and subscriptions. It’s like your own personalised news service where everything you’re interested in is curated in the one place.

Although it might take a bit of getting used to there are lots of advantages to this – the most obvious one is not having to move around between apps on your home screen to go from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and so on. Unless you want to do something complex, pretty much everything you’d normally do on social can be done right there inside BlinkFeed.

2.    MotionLaunch

The HTC One M8 is a pretty big phone and obviously HTC knows it because they thought to feature it up with MotionLaunch. With the power button at the top of the phone, turning the phone on with one hand is simply out of the question for some people and who wants a smartphone that you need two hands to use?

MotionLaunch solves the problem with some cool gesture based actions that will not only power up your phone with a double-tap but also get you right into the functions of the phone with a strategic swipe.

MotionLaunch lets you do things like:

  • Wake up the phone by picking it up and double-tapping
  • Get to the home screen with a swipe to the left
  • Get to BlinkFeed with a swipe to the right
  • Go to voice dialling with a swipe down
  • Go back to where you left off with a swipe up
  • Immediately get to camera mode but picking the phone up in landscape mode and pressing the volume button… and more.

3.    Duo camera

HTC is a genuine contender in the smartphone camera competition. The HTC One M8 has 2 rear cameras, the 4 megapixel UltraPixel camera and the UFocus camera which captures depth data to allow you to do some cool things with your photos like adjust the focus, blur backgrounds and plenty more. This is all possible because there is so much depth of field data captured, so if your subject wasn’t in focus, you can go back and adjust the focus in the image itself. There are also some fun 3D effects and other things to play with.

Although it’s only 4 megapixel, the extra functions you get with the HTC One M8 make it an awesome feature.

4.    Build quality & craftsmanship

This phone feels nice in your hand and certainly looks the part. As soon as you pick up the HTC One M8, you can’t help notice the premium feel. The shell of the phone is brushed aluminium that wraps all the way around the phone seamlessly from one side of the screen to the other.

5.    BoomSound

It looks like HTC has spotted another area they can own in the smartphone space – audio. The HTC One M8 has two front-facing, dual-stereo speakers located on the left and right of the phone in landscape mode that they claim will add a 25% boost to the volume from the M7.

While most smartphones have speakers on the sides or back of the phone where the sound is easily muffled, the One M8’s forward-facing speakers make it more of a phone you might actually use for listening.

The BoomSound also delivers better audio through headphones.

6.    MicroSD expansion slot

Anyone with an HTC One M7 who wanted to be able to expand the storage will be very happy with the One M8 which supports up to 128GB microSD cards. The expandable storage could be very handy if you end up taking lots of images and video with the camera!

7.    Battery life & power-saving mode

Last but not really least is the battery life. The HTC One M8 battery is touted to last 40% longer than the M7 battery. Plus, there’s an extreme power-saving mode on the One M8 that can keep the phone on standby for up to 15 hours with just 5% battery so there’s plenty of time to find a power source without missing anything important.

The HTC One M8 has plenty going for it and if you’re looking for a new android with some serious multi-media cred, definitely take a look at this one.

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