From strength to strength: the Samsung Galaxy S Line 02/06/2014
Here's how Samsung's Galaxy S phones have evolved and gotten better over the years.
From strength to strength: the Samsung Galaxy S Line

Samsung have recently announced their latest flagship smartphone, the astounding Samsung Galaxy S5. This follows on from the Samsung S4 and its predecessors as one of the top Android smartphones on the market, and the one everyone is watching as the iPhone's primary competitor.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with the kind of features you'd expect to see in a high-end handset - including a beautiful 16MP camera, a 5.1-inch HD display and 4G connectivity. Samsung have also added a few individual flourishes, including a heart rate monitor and a finger scanner; the future is on its way.

The Samsung S5 also looks the business, and is customisable in a few ways; you can purchase a range of coloured protective cases (for the handset to make it look just the way you want.

Check out this fantastic Samsung S infographic which shows us just how far the Galaxy S line has come since its inception in June 2010 - when you put it that way, it really doesn't seem so long ago, does it?

The S5's 5.1-inch display boosts the original Galaxy S's 4-inch display by over a quarter, and no doubt the handset's 2,800mAh battery is needed for a phone with such phenomenal processing power; the S5 boasts eight cores in comparison to the S4's modest four cores. If there's one thing Samsung's infographic shows us, it's that four years is a very long time in the realm of technology, and it begs the question: just what will we be seeing in the sixth incarnation of the Galaxy S this time next year?

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