6 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Old Gadgets 08/07/2013
Make your friends jealous by trying out this list of the most creative ways to use your old gadgets.
6 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Old Gadgets

You are not alone if you are someone who rushes out to get the latest gadget even before you have thrown the box out for the previous model. Sprout can forgive you if you have switched from buying galaxy screen protectors to iPhone docking stations all the while coveting the new HTC One release. We are all guilty of doing a little technology craving but it does leave us with one, tiny, little dilemma. What do you do with all the superseded models?

If you have ever heard the phrase “Get off the internet so I can make a phone call” this list of gadget transformation ideas is right up your alley.

1. Nintendo GameCube

This highly useful piece can be used in lots of different ways but our favourite is the desk organiser concept. Firstly the CD port has some good depth to it and therefore can be used easily to store anything from blue-tac to stickytape to paper clips and staples. The front draws allow for the storage of essential office items like lollies, gum, post-it notes and spare change.

2. NES Controller

An old-school Nintendo controller is the perfect size for a unique and might we say stylish belt buckle. Sporting large and eccentric belt buckles are all the rage especially since Howard Wolowitz shared his vast collection with viewers in season 5 episode 21 of The Big Bang Theory. You are probably going to need some serious elbow grease to get this turkey fastened to your favourite belt, but we think the results will be well worth the effort.

3. CD Rack

Remember when you had so many CDs you needed to buy a stylish unit to house them in? With the inevitable cull of the physical CD thanks to mp3s and docking for your iPod what are you to do with a segmented box? Develop a green thumb of course and turn your CD unit into a pretty selection of plants. You could plant herbs perfect for a budding chef, a flower box for a mother’s day gift worth years of praise or a succulent smorgasbord for lazy gardeners who forget about watering.

4. VHS tape cases

Before Blu-ray there were DVDs and before that there were these primitive devices called VHS tapes. They were a pain to use with rewinding and fast-forwarding taking nearly as long as the watching of the program itself. The cases they came in are useful snap-close plastic pods that have endless recycle opportunities. For the fashionistas, use the case as a super stylish clutch bag, crafty devils can use them to house beads, sequins or thread to keep them organised, whereas handymen can use them for their nuts and bolts.

5. C.R.T screens

It has been a while, but just in case you are unaware screens used to come with huge back-ends for all their technology ‘guts’. Flat screens were nowhere to be seen and we all endured the fat screens to watch our favourite programs. Now you can really get some use out of these oversized beasts. One of the best ideas we have seen is to make it into a cat bed. It does take some doing to get the screen hollowed out properly but the results are pretty damn cute!

6. CDs 

Instead of downloading and saving straight onto a USB drive or transfer mp3s to our iPods to play on a docking station we once had to transfer files to cumbersome CDs for storage. It wasn’t all bad - some of them could even be rewritten to add additional information at a later date. We used them so often and for so much that many people built up large supplies of them. Now what? The best thing about CDs is their mottled colour making them perfect for pretty baby mobiles, wind mobiles or coasters. You can even punch holes in them and glue them to end of their spools for fashionable earring holders. The sky is the limit really.

Alternatively you can come up with your own recycling ideas for the gadgets from your former years. It should be as fun to hollow them out as it is to find new uses for them. Sprout would love to hear any other ideas you have for your old gadgets as our focus is enhancing the use of your favourite mobile and tablet devices with funky and functional cases, in car Bluetooth kits and accessories. So whether you are interested in screen protectors for your iPhone, a docking station for your iPod or a handsfree Bluetooth kit, Sprout has got you and your desired piece of technology covered.