Ugly phone cases reach a whole new level 19/03/2014
We've been keeping track of ugly phone cases we will never make. Check out our gallery and let us know if we've missed any.
Ugly phone cases reach a whole new level

You might be surprised to about how easy it is to find seriously ugly phone cases. We actually keep track of them on our Pinterest board dedicated to the subject of ugly phone cases we will never make.

Every ugly phone case on our board has genuinely earned its place but these are some of our favourite wtf, ugly phone cases for your viewing enjoyment.

Is it a phone or food

One ‘trend’ we’ve spotted is ugly phone cases to disguise your phone as some kind of food or using pay homage to your favourite food. We’ve thought long and hard and we cannot work out why you would want a phone that looks like bacon and eggs or a hashbrown. OK, maybe bacon we get.

Or a pretzel / pancake / donut / whatever this is?

We also cannot understand this ice-cream boat thing!

Blinged, bejewelled and really ba

Prepare yourself, these ugly phone cases really should come with a bling warning. We’re really not getting the whole concept of creating heavy, bulky and ridiculously loud phone cases but it seems someone out there is happy to pay up to $75 for some bejewelled badness.

This phone case actually makes your phone into a glittering 3D standing Hello Kitty. That makes sense.

Jewels and food – the ultimate winning combo

A phone case that advertises your love of money. Probably could save some there.

Ugly phone cases that just make you say WTF

OK, the only thing in common with this lot of ugly phone cases is they just leave you wondering why.

Oh, look! That man has a very big ear!

And this woman is… just completely weird.

But the winner is

These are just a few of the ugly phone cases we will never make. If you think we’ve missed a phone case that deserves to be on our ugly phone cases we will never make Pinterest board, please make sure you let us know about it!

On the other hand, if you’re after for a good-looking and practical phone case for your iPhone or Samsung, take a look at a Sprout phone case.

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