Looking for a tough phone case? Lock it in The Vault V2 28/03/2014
This case is the toughest of the tough! If you can't afford to be without your phone then The Vault V2 is the case for you.
Looking for a tough phone case? Lock it in The Vault V2

We know you expect a lot out of your phone case; sometimes a little too much. Yes, we’re talking to you Mr Let’s-See-What-Happens-If-I. You work hard and play hard and expect your phone to survive along with you.  Well don’t worry, we get you. Sometimes you need to lock it in the vault, so why not try our Vault V2 phone cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Vault V2 Phone Case

Sprout’s Vault V2 cases are the toughest of the tough! Combining a hard plastic interior to protect all sides of the phone and a rubber/silicon compound outer shell to provide maximum protection for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Plus, to make this case even more hard core, it comes with a Super Tough belt clip, so you can play Quick Draw McGraw without compromising on your phone’s protection.

Features at a glance:

  • Hard plastic interior
  • Silicon/rubber compound outer
  • Belt clip included
  • Complete protection
  • Access to all controls

Sprout phone cases that are tough, fun and innovative

Another option is our Tuff Case; after all we wouldn’t have called it that if it wasn’t.  With a soft grey silicon interior and a hard black plastic shell, the Tuff Case gives you double the protection when your phone escapes your grip.  For our complete range of tough, fun and innovative designs, explore our range of Sprout phone cases today.

But if it’s The Vault V2 that you need, make the “tough” choice and go with a Sprout phone cover.

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