Apple Gets iPhone User's Hopes up With Rumours of a Trade-in Program 14/09/2013
Apple may be taking an environmental and market share initiative by introducing an iPhone trade-in program
Apple Gets iPhone User's Hopes up With Rumours of a Trade-in Program Your very first smart phone was more than likely met with genuine enthusiasm and excitement and if you were very enthusiastic perhaps a little squeal too. Sprout doesn’t blame you. In fact it’s the opposite. We love coveting the brand new mobile and tablet devices which send our hearts all aflutter.

New Devices and the guilt

Updated devices come around more quickly than our birthdays and it is easy to get all caught up in the hype and rush to the next model before contemplating what will happen to its predecessor. However, Apple may be giving us a way out from the guilt of upgrading.

Rumours of the Trade-in Program

According to 9to5Mac a new iPhone trade-in program is set to launch thanks to The Cupertino, Calif. Company. The program could be in action as early as September and would enable upgrading customers the ability to hand over their superseded iPhone’s before purchasing the brand spanking new model. Financial compensation for the iPhone trade-in would operate much the same way as any other tradable object and be given a value based on its age and condition.

The Logistics

Despite this news being as yet unconfirmed by Apple many are speculating it is only logical that Apple introduce a trade-in program. Regardless of the fact that Apple has insanely popular flagship, namesake stores the majority of their phones are sold by third parties. By offering a trade-in program for their phones they could significantly increase their market share of iPhone sales.

Where to from here?

Even though there is no direct confirmation from Apple yet, CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple is not opposed to an iPhone trade-in program and that they do recognise the environmental benefits of such a service. In the meantime it is a waiting game for the application to be approved and rolled out.

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