How Australians use Smartphones and Tablets 21/05/2014
Australians love their smartphone and tablets. Check out these statistics that will blow your mind!
How Australians use Smartphones and Tablets

The smartphone market shows no sign of slowing, with the number of people who have purchased smartphones doubling in recent years. Recent reports on smartphone and tablet use show that nearly 90% of Australians own smartphones, and tablet ownership is approaching 60%.

How Australians use smartphones

Australians use smartphones. A lot. From streaming videos and music, to shopping and even to taking calls, smartphones are used by over 88% of Australians who use them as their main form of communication. Smartphone users can receive text reminders for bills which they then pay online. They are reminded of appointments and get directions to finding the place where the appointment is, all on their smartphones.


A smartphone user can buy all sorts of goods online. Just as frequently, they go online to compare prices of goods and services. They will then purchase the goods or pay off the credit card by using their phones.

Social media

Nearly three quarters of smartphone users access social media on their phones. Social media itself is one of the fastest ways of spreading news or advertising events via the likes of Twitter or Facebook.

How Australians use tablets

Tablets, which are bulkier than smartphones, are often the preferred option for people wanting larger screens. Use of e-books on tablets is far more common as these are easier to read on a tablet, and despite their larger size a tablet can be just as convenient, if less easily portable, as a smartphone.

Tablet usage increasing

Although tablet use is still only just over half of smartphone use, this is increasing. For both tablet and smartphone users, the increase in those who are downloading applications is nearing 90%. Androids are more popular for smartphone users, while tablet users prefer Apple - Apple dominates other tablet apps by over 70%.

Keeping up to date

Both smartphones and tablets are used to follow news events. In addition with the ease of photo taking and news sharing, many news websites encourage users to send in their videos or stories of breaking news events. (We love you sharing your photos with us too on our social networks, just hashtag #sprout!)

Sprout and the tablet and smartphone

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