Australia's obsession with smartphones 07/07/2014
95% of Aussies own a mobile, with 37% of those owning a smartphone. Australia's Smartphone mania grows!
Australia's obsession with smartphones

We are a country filled with people that are glued to their mobile phones, and it is not surprising why when we think about how much we can use them for. 95% of the Aussie population owns a mobile phone and of those people 37% of us own smartphones. So why are we so obsessed with our smartphones, and could those of us that own one survive a day without it? 

Gone are the days when we had to actually pack a personal CD player, a digital camera, a map and a newspaper into our bag if we were leaving the house. Technology experts have managed to condense a lot of our belonging into one easy to use device that fits snuggly into our pockets. This makes life so much easier than having to try and navigate a huge map whilst driving, or attempting to read a newspaper whilst on a busy train. Everything is now in one place. In this day and age, who has time to pop into the bank  or rush to the supermarket after a busy day at work or uni? Now we can order our groceries and organise our finances (48% use a smartphone for online banking) using one small hand-held device. Life is a whole lot easier now that the smartphone exists. 

Check your emails whilst at the beach (68% of us use smartphones for emailing), talk face to face with friends and family on the other side of the world and record videos of memorable moments. It has never been easier to capture moments with the built in camera and video recorder. It is not surprising that 63% of us smartphone users are accessing social networking websites through using our mobile phones. Facebook (92% of us are on it), YouTube (18% use this video site) and Instagram (Aussies average 25 apps on their phones)are all popular social tools and with the ease of uploading videos and photos directly from our mobile phones we are becoming a nation of social network addicts.

So could we survive a day without our smartphones?

Probably not. Truth be told, we are a country full of smartphone addicts and we have become accustomed to being able to access information so easily. Sprout knows this and sells a huge selection of funky phone cases for a variety of models and brands. The statistics don’t lie and since you are probably using your phone every day you should dress it up in a cool new phone cover that will make it stand out from the crowd. We also sell a selection of cables that can help you transfer your data between your various electronic devices.

Hold the phone

Did you know that not everyone has a smartphone? Really! These funny clips tell both sides of the pros and cons of a smartphone.

Check out this infographic that shows you just how much we love our smartphones.

Australia’s obsession with smartphones

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