5 Crazy Examples of New Phone Concepts 12/08/2013
The pros and cons of the craziest new phone concepts are there any worth their salt?
5 Crazy Examples of New Phone Concepts Smart phone technology is moving faster than storm clouds in summertime. However there are some phone concepts which have more value and make more sense than others. Here are the 5 craziest examples of new phone concepts Sprout has seen.

Biodegradable Grass Phone

Hay is usually reserved for horses but it also makes pretty good phone material too, apparently. Je-Hyun Kim’s Natural Year Phone concept considers the environmental impact of simply throwing superseded mobile phone models away and how to overcome that trend. The phone has been designed to simply break up and biodegrade after the average life expectancy of a current mobile phone which is 2 years. On the other hand we don’t think the grassy smell will compliment any perfume.

Rotating Charger Phone 

Smart phones are our closest companions and we use them for everything from texting, to Google searches to playing words with friends. As smart as they are the batteries are sometimes disappointing and it is here the rotate phone comes into its own. With a finger sized opening in the end all a user has to do to charge their phone is simply place the lightweight phone on one of their digits and spin. Then again the finger hole is really quite a waste of space which takes up valuable screen real estate. 


Good things come in small packages and the early developments in mobile phones were very exciting when they kept making them tinier by the day. We also dig the handsfree kit concept for our phones so we can multitask through our busy lives. The combination of hands-free and tiny phone bodies has created the earphone perfect for those of us who have matchstick sized fingers or always remember to carry our own stylus pens. 

The Edge Phone 

A new design concept taking advantage of the status some phones receive. Before Google Glass becomes mainstream you can buy The Edge which houses a crystal and clear keypad lit by internal LED lights, which magically slides out when needed behind the rectangle shaped screen. It won’t have anywhere near as many functions as current smart phones, but hey it will look cool! 

The Alarming Clock Phone

Sony Ericsson wants to wake you up in traditional alarm clock style with their transformed smart phone which acts and looks like your old school alarm clock. Complete with triangular shaped body for standing and bright orange colour it will make a nice addition to your night stand. All you will need is a bigger pocket, misshapen phone case and no concern for street corner criticism. 
Sprout’s focus is on creating fresh and functional technology accessories to compliment your favourite mobile and tablet devices. However, there is a line for true innovation and we think that the Biodegradable Grass Phone might be crossing it. We think we’ll stick to creating useful screen protectors, handy Bluetooth kits and great audio accessories for your tried and tested technology that will both enhance and entertain