Who Wore It Better? Classic Black & White iPhone Cases 18/07/2014
Here we compare-and-contrast two hot black and white iPhone cases, the Brick and the Cube.
Who Wore It Better? Classic Black & White iPhone Cases

We all want to achieve that effortlessly cool look, and to do that everything down to our mobile phones needs to be oozing a trendy and stylish vibe. A Sprout mobile phone cover is the perfect way to complete your look and make your device look on trend and ready to impress.

Classic Black & White iPhone CasesAlways sophisticated black and white

Black and white phone cases are taking the world by storm in a new, modern and refreshing way. The iPhone 5 Brick phone case and the iPhone 5 Cube case, both for iPhone 5 and 5s, will help you stand out from the crowd without being too overbearing. We no longer need to save our colourless accessories for formal events or the corporate world, but with funky black and white patterns we can now dress-up our mobile phones in fun, chic and sophisticated attire. 

We no longer just need to purchase bright colours and psychedelically swirled covers to show our fun personalities. Let’s go back to basics with the black and white and keep it simple to achieve a bold and eye-catching result. The iPhone 5 Brick phone case and the iPhone 5 Cube case can be easily clipped onto an iPhone and the awesome black and white patterns will definitely get you noticed. 

Classic Black & White iPhone CasesBoth cases have a powerful impact

But are both unique in their own way. The iPhone 5 Brick phone case is perfect to clip on when we feel like we want to look at some funky shapes in an intricate pattern that isn't too small. The iPhone 5 Cube case is great for a night out when we want our phones to look mesmerising with a detailed and tightly packed design that will be difficult to take our eyes off. The artwork on these two modern cases is applied using a water transfer method that achieves a much cleaner and smoother finish. The patterns create a mind boggling three-dimensional effect that we can use to dazzle our friends, and they are sure to be envious of the unique designs. Soft and rubbery to touch, it’s like a stroking a furry wall

Black and white covers are making a comeback with a cool understated bang that the celebrities are dying to get a piece of. Be ahead of the flock with either the iPhone 5 Brick phone case or iPhone 5 Cube case black and white cases from Sprout and watch as all of your friends gradually follow your lead. 

Sprout stocks over 300 unique phone cases, tablet cases and accessories for all of your fashionable adventures. We know the importance of feeling confident when you reach for your mobile phone for all of those important selfie and social networking moments. Sprout stocks phone covers for a variety of different mobile phone models and for a whole bunch of different owners who all want something unique.

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