Tablets versus Computers - Who Wins? 26/06/2013
What’s better: a Tablet or a Computer? It’s as difficult as trying to decide if chocolate or caramel is more delicious.
Tablets versus Computers - Who Wins? Tablets are becoming more popular compared with computers. In fact they are trending more quickly than cat bearding. We can thank the commitment of tablet designers and developers to hand over custom applications for the device which threaten the demise of the traditional PC. In other words, tablets rule! Where else can you enjoy so much innovation bundled into a familiar and highly convenient device?

To be fair desktop computers have become super charged in their fight to match the tablet’s awesome design and amazing functionality. Don’t get carried away with the hype behind the tablet though, the desktop still provides many programs and functions that are still MIA from tablets and that still makes PC’s indispensable to particular users.

Big Screens

Their flexible screen size is also a big point of difference which may explain why at the end of 2012 fans still forked out to purchase 89.8milion of them; however, that number did take a hit from the previous year. Even though the sale numbers are decreasing they are still selling more units than tablets who only made 52.5 million sales for the same sales period.

3 Reasons Why Tablets Are Awesome

The allure of the tablet could be broken down into three main points; firstly they are cheaper and those extra dollars could be better spent buying a super styling cover for your new tablet or iPad, secondly they constantly offer brand-spanking new products and programs that are exclusive to their particular ecosystems and finally they are at a price point where even Granny could afford to splurge on one for their fav’ Grandkid. Tablet sales are rising more than 75%in only just one year. If it sounds crazy to you, take the time to use one or better yet own one and you can understand why.


When you really compare computers with tablets the biggest point of difference is variation. Most of the PC market is shared amongst brands, whereas nearly 50 per cent of the tablet market is cornered by Apple. Having a choice is what makes the technology market so successful and competitive. Tablets are fantastic portable devices whilst PC’s are still unbeaten for their anchor use as business, creativity and entertainment devices. Make your own mind up – just be sure to accessorise that tablet out right if that is your choice.

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