The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Mission 01/11/2013
Australia Zoo has a very worthy Wildlife Warriors charity that does amazing work for animal conservation - find out how you can help.
The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Mission

The Wildlife Warriors was set-up by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002 so that they could encourage others to join them on their mission to help people and wildlife cohabitate with being a threat to each other. Their intention was to establish an organisation that would support the protection of injured, threatened and endangered animals and become the most effective wildlife conservation organisation in the world.

Wildlife Warrior’s Mission

By educating the public the organisation feels they can better prepare people to make choices that will assist in the long-term conservation of animals across the globe. They believe that animals should be revered as much as they are admired. Their essential biological research and examination of world-wide animal practices enables Wildlife Warriors to enter into cooperative arrangements with similar organisations to improve their results in outcome-based animal programs and projects.

Australia Zoo’s link

The organisation’s major sponsor is Australia Zoo who generously covers the running costs of the charity so that 100% of the donations can go directly towards conservation initiatives. Australia Zoo houses 1000 animals on a lush 100 acre property with state-of-the-art enclosures. The Irwin family want a visit to their zoo to be as much about education as it is about being awestruck by the beauty of the animals. It is a world class zoological facility that is visited for its stunning collection of animals as well as for a closer look at the famous Steve Irwin’s history and his amazing wildlife legacy.

Sprout’s Partnership

Thanks to our partnership with the Wildlife Warriors and Australia Zoo we are introducing a range of Wildlife Warriors cases. Featuring a selection of the world’s most beautiful animals, whilst offering serious protection for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. For every purchase made of our Australia Zoo Wildlife Warrior product online we will donate $10 to the Wildlife Warriors, who are dedicated to saving Australia and the world’s wildlife. Sprout wanted to partner with the commendable initiatives of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors and do our part in the fight for animal conservation.

The set of three stunning iPhone 5 S and iPhone 5 mobile phone cases feature the animals-in-residence at Australia Zoo. The cases are made from a tough IML shell to keep them strong and showcase the photography beautifully. You can choose from the gorgeous Giraffe Case, the Sumatran Tiger Case or the striking Crocodile Case. The best news is that every time one of these mobile phone cases is purchased Sprout will donate $10 to the Wildlife Warriors for every purchase online. We will also be donating $1 for every product sold in stores around Australia. Buying a Sprout Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors case will not only make you look good it will make you feel good too.

How can you make a difference to Australia's Wildlife? 

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