Top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 03/04/2015
With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge worldwide launch imminent, here are Sprout’s top 5 features.
Top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S6

Rumours, leaks, press releases and pre-launch hysteria; these are the calling cards of an imminent smartphone release. This time, it’s Samsung’s turn with their latest series Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge set for worldwide launch starting 10th April 2015.

Needless to say we already know a great deal about this dynamic duo. Does the Samsung Galaxy S6 have the features to overtake Apple in the fierce mobile marketplace? You be the judge as we give you the top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Premium design

Plastic is out and glass-metal combos are most definitely in. Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge take on a premium quality finish with a sleek dual-glass design and enhanced metal frame. The curved left and right edges on the S6 Edge are a point of difference between the two otherwise identical models. Whichever you choose, both models come with strong reflective Gorilla Glass 4 rear panels available in colours like topaz blue and white pearl.

Killer camera

Here we get to rattle off some impressive tech specs. The Galaxy S6 has as improved 16mp camera, optical stabilisation, F1.9 aperture for better shots in the dark, auto real-time High Dynamic Range, an IR Detect While Balance feature for advanced light sensitivity, and much more. All this comes with a useful shortcut by double-touching the fingerprint sensor.

Handy wireless charging

From headsets to speakers, everything is going wireless so why should recharging your battery be any different? The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with WPC and PMA certified wireless charging technology. Added to this, charging is now 1.5 times faster compared with the Galaxy S5 and promises 4 hours of battery in just 10 minutes.

Fast fingerprint reader

Seen by some as a rip from Apple’s Touch ID, the Samsung Galaxy S6 now comes with a new and improved fingerprint reader. Instead of having to swipe your finger over the sensor, users simply touch the home button to access.

Secure Samsung Pay

The fingerprint reader is set to make hassle-free smartphone payments even more secure, and with Samsung Pay it will be even easier. Samsung’s answer to Apple Pay, the Samsung Pay is rumoured to launch mid-2015 and will allow for both NFC-based and magnetic secure transmission (MST) payments.

There are plenty of other features and inevitable trade-offs. For instance, a differentiator for Galaxy smartphones has always been its removable battery and durability. However, this latest series is no longer dust and water proof and the battery is non-removable. Overall though, we’re excited to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge soon to explode onto the Australian mobile scene in April.

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