Juicy Rumours About The New iPad 5 02/10/2013
All the juicy rumours and talked-about features you can expect to see with the launch of Apples new iPad 5.
Juicy Rumours About The New iPad 5 Whether or not you saw it coming, the release of Apple’s new iPad 5 seems like it could be just over the horizon with many industry players predicting a mid-October launch. There’s been a lot of talk about different specs and features for Apple’s newest device all over the web, so as always on the Sprout Blog we have compiled all the juicy iPad 5 rumours for you.

iPad 5 Release Date

Although the new iPad 5 was not launched at Apple’s big event in September where we saw the unveiling of the new iPhone 5s and 5c, a launch for late October 2013 seems likely. Numerous sources are speculating that the new iPad 5 is coming in October and that it may have already begun production in July to help support an October launch date.

iPad 5 Exterior Design Changes

Rumour has it that the iPad 5 design will not only be smaller than the current iPad 4, but will be slimmer, lighter and thinner also. Some sources are saying the iPad 5 will weigh-in at just 92g compared with 146g on the current iPad 4. The exterior design is said to be more consistent with the iPad Mini with the lightening port and volume controls placed in the same positioning.

New iPad 5 Features

The iPad 5 is expected to have a better camera that will improve image quality up to 8MP. Display quality is also rumoured to be improved with the new fifth-generation iPad using an IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide) display which allows for smaller pixels and higher resolution. It looks like users can expect a better battery life and the ability to add ‘vibrate mode’ with a new device chips that boosts performance and reduces power consumption.

iPad 5 Pricing

Apple seems to like keeping their pricing the same year-on-year, so there is no expectation that the iPad 5 will set you back any more than the current iPad 4 pricing. If that is the case then we would expect the starting price for the iPad 5 to be around $AU539 for the 16GB model up to $AU869 for the 128GB model.

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