What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part Four 15/08/2014
In part 4 of What Your Smartphone Says About You, we look at the latest phone to Australia, the HTC.
What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part Four

We’ve been looking at the major mobile phone brands available, and analysing what your choice of phone says about your personality. This week it’s HTC's turn. Chances are, if you are a HTC owner then the following personality traits apply to you:

1. You like being in control

You like order and procedures. You are a micro-manager. If things get out of place you get upset. You organise your phone to the tiniest detail, and you like the fact that you have complete control over every aspect and app on your device. Sometime you can appear rude towards others because you give very quick, direct answers to their questions. You often wonder why they couldn’t figure out the solution themselves, because it appears obvious to you.

2. You know that you are more intelligent than most people

Like your phone, you have more advanced features and technology swirling around inside you than most people. While iPhone users may look better than you, and have more fashion sense, you know that you are of superior intellect and one day all these seekers of popularity will be your slaves.

3. You are difficult to get along with

It’s not that you have no personality, it’s just that you enjoy your own company far better than anyone else. You keep your friends to a few close companions, and don’t see any reason to extend your friendship circle beyond that. You don’t like social media, and you don’t see your phone as an extension of your personality. However, you do like the fact that groups like Sprout can wrap your HTC M8 and HTC One in a trendy phone case.

4. You like routine

You like to get the job done and move on. Once a project is finished you can’t stand to think about it anymore. You have trouble finishing the very end of a project, because your brain is already thinking about the next one. You make decisions quickly, and you always know you're right. You don’t follow the latest fashions, but you have developed your own sense of style. You love to shop at vintage clothing shops, so that you can find items of clothing that no one else is currently wearing. You are annoyed when vintage becomes fashionable.

5. You are cool, calm and collected

You have a relaxed but professional attitude towards work. You figure that because of your advanced intellect and power to see solutions to problems before anyone else, that you will always be able to find another job. You wear items of clothing that you enjoy and find funny, rather than appealing to what society says is fashionable at the moment. You walk to the beat of your own drum, and you stick to the narrow path.

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