10 Cool Things You Didn't Know Your Smartphone Could Do 10/02/2014
New apps and some clever thinking are revolutionising the way we can use smartphones to save time and make life better. Here are 10 of the best.
10 Cool Things You Didn't Know Your Smartphone Could Do

If you have a smartphone and still only use it to talk and text, you’re seriously missing out on the loads on things you can use it for. Here are a few awesome extra things your phone can do.

#1 Pay for things1.    Pay for things

Forget about carrying your wallet everywhere, you can pay with a swipe of your smartphone anywhere there is a PayPass terminal. Once set up, this works through inbuilt NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in most android phones which you link to your account. To date, Apple has not included an NFC chip in iPhones (although rumours are running hot that a recent patent filing covering NFC might mean the iPhone 6 could be the first). Commonwealth Bank has recently launched the CommBank Tap & Pay which enables both iPhone and Android users to use their phone to make payments from their bank account. iPhone users simply purchase a Pay Tag containing the NFC chip to attach to their phone under a phone case.


#2 Create Create Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot2.    Internet access

If you have mobile data, your smartphone can become a wireless network enabling you to connect laptops or tablets to the internet when you’re in a pinch (it can chew up your data allowance quickly).Simply set up your Personal Hotspot in your phone settings and it will appear as an available network on your other devices.


#3 Unlock rhe Door for You3.    Unlock doors

One more thing you can get rid of is your house key. With a smartphone and a Kwikset KEVO Bluetooth enabled deadbolt, your front door with open with a tap whenever you have your smartphone or the provided fob on you.

Hotel Group Starwood is also launching a virtual room key as part of its Starwood Preferred Guest app.


#4 Help you see in the dark4.    See in the dark

With the FLIR One you can turn your iPhone 5 into a personal thermal imaging device. Since everything either emits or reflects heat energy, thermal imaging gives us a whole other way of seeing things. You can see in the dark, even through thick smoke. You can literally see the beginning of a child’s fever, find pets in the dark or in thick bush, locate studs in walls, see where heat is escaping from your house, detect moisture and even locate electrical issues. The FLIR One fits on your iPhone like a phone case and comes with its own battery which will power it for 2 hours.

(This video is pretty interesting!)


#5 Monitor your baby5.    Monitor babies, pets, people or things

The iBaby Monitor lets you monitor a baby (or anything you like) through your smartphone. You can receive alerts when the baby moves or cries, take photos from the app, listen and even talk to your baby through the monitors’ speakers. A very handy app for keeping an eye on just about anything.


#6 Enhance your gaming6.    Enhance your gaming

If you have an Xbox One or Sony Playstation 4, you could be able to use your phone as a second screen in some games where it is handy to have references like maps handy but not taking up space on your main screen.


#7 Universal remote control7.    Universal Remote Control

If you have too many remote controls, now you can roll them into one – your smartphone or table. iRule converts your smartphone into an awesome  universal remote that lets you control everything from AV systems to blinds and lights via wi-fi. And because it’s wi-fi, you can manage systems all around the house without being the old point and shoot caper of old remotes.


#8 Schedule your 'save me' calls8.    Schedule your ‘save me’ calls

Ever been stuck in a meeting (or on a date) wishing you’d get a call you had to take? Ever wanted to make your phone ring so you look popular? That’s exactly how the Popularity Dialler came about. Using the Popularity Dialler, you can organise fake calls to come to your phone whenever you want them!


#9 Document canner & pdf maker9.    Document scanner & PDF maker

Next time you need to sign, scan and return a document, don’t worry about driving to the office. Instead, just install the JotNot Scanner on your smartphone, ‘scan’ your documents by photographing them inside the app, edit and save the PDFs and then email them where they need to go.


#10 Disable itself if you lose it10. Disable itself if you lose it

With all these awesome features on your phone, you’ll want to make sure you can disable it if you lose it. On most phones, entering * # 0 6 # will display the phone’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can have its IMEI added to the IMEI blacklist database which will ensure that the phone is denied service on mobile networks.


These are just some of the awesome things you can now do with your smartphone. Tell us about your favourite features, apps and accessories?

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