iPad Mini Retina Review 12/05/2014
All the power and functionality of Apples pioneering tablet in a form that fits your hand. Check out our Apple iPad Mini Retina review.
iPad Mini Retina Review

The iPad Mini turned heads and emptied wallets the moment it hit store shelves in November 2012. All the power and functionality of Apple’s pioneering tablet in a form that fits your hand – what more could you want?

Well, of course, the march of technology rolls on and Apple have brought the second generation of the iPad Mini to market with the appropriate number of bells and whistles. The iPad Mini Retina retains the same stunning form factor and boasts a screen that has to be seen to be believed.

“Retina” displays have been a standard part of high-end Apple computers and full size iPad devices for a while now, and it basically means that you can’t see the pixels - the small little dots that make up an image on a screen.

Why does this matter? It means that videos, photos and text look true to life and sharper than ever before. Video chats feel like you’re in the same room as the friends you’re calling.

Of course, since the screen is all glass it is still susceptible to shattering if dropped on a hard surface. We advise outfitting it with a suitably sturdy iPad Mini case.

Being an iPad, it does everything its big brother does – run thousands of apps, play movies, visit web pages and go online shopping and, coupled with a faster graphics chip inside, play the latest video games anywhere and everywhere you travel. Of course, it is compatible with the array of iPad Mini accessories already available.

All of this comes at a cost of battery life, and you’ll get up to ten hours of use out of the iPad before needing to connect it to a charger.

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