Product of the month Cortex Speaker 16/06/2014
The Sprout Cortex Bluetooth portable speaker connects via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled device or by plugging directly to the audio port of your computer.
Product of the month Cortex Speaker

One of our top ten bestselling items in 2013, the Sprout Bluetooth Cortex speaker packs a powerful punch in its pocket-sized 8cm frame. Connecting to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, iPod or other audio device by Bluetooth or line-in cable, and boasting an impressive battery life, this Bluetooth speaker is smart, versatile, and incredibly easy to use. 

Outputting impressive, clear and crisp 3W audio, the Cortex is the equal of many speakers that are much larger in size. The Cortex speaker is compatible with all modern Bluetooth devices, and offers a generous 15m range of wireless connectivity, allowing you the freedom to party with your friends, or relax in comfort. 

Not only does the Cortex Bluetooth speaker sound fantastic, but it looks just as sharp, sleekly designed and finished in high quality brushed alloy for a real touch of contemporary style. Housed inside is a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which offers three hours of wireless Bluetooth listening time on a single charge, and six when listening via cable plugged into your device’s audio out jack, and recharging the battery is simply a matter of plugging the Cortex speaker into your computer. 

The Cortex comes with a built-in volume control and micro SD slot, allowing you to plug your media straight in to the speaker for completely portable listening. Also included in the box are a USB connector for charging and transferring files between your Bluetooth speaker and computer, a line-in cable, as well as directions to download a clear and concise PDF user manual, with easy to follow step-by-step set up instructions which will help you to get your Sprout Bluetooth speaker up, running and cranking out your favourite music in no time.

Based in Brisbane, the team here at Sprout have quickly gained a reputation not just for the exceptional quality of our products, but also in our mission to combine technology, coolness and an environmental conscience. These qualities are reflected in our extensive range of audio solutions, which offers Bluetooth speakers and headphones to suit all needs. Every Sprout Bluetooth speaker is built to deluxe standards, and our range of products includes the Cortex’s big brother, the Nomad, which, with its 6W audio and tough waterproof casing, available in eye-catching gold and silver, is ideal for those looking for something that’s loud, rugged and attractive. 

Our product line currently numbers more than 300 items, spanning from in-car connectors to phone cases and tablet accessories, and is available in just as many retail locations. Freedom to grow is a key part of our brand’s identity, and we are dedicated to constantly expanding and improving ourselves and seeking out new opportunities to develop great new products, as well as in connecting to all of our customers by our extensive social media presence and cool and quirky packaging, so that we can help you find top quality tech solutions that suit your own individual style.

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