Sprout's Funky HTC One Cases 10/09/2013
Love your HTC One? Check out Sprouts range of Funky HTC One cases that give you and your phone a little something extra
Sprout's Funky HTC One Cases

HTC One’s are proving to be very popular smart phones with their slick design, quality camera and intuitive information features. Users are drawn in by rugged design, the unique BlinkFeed home page and video enabled photo gallery. There is much to enjoy about the HTC One and even more if you count the range of funky HTC One Cases available from Sprout which will enhance and protect your favourite phone.

HTC One / Flip CaseFlip Case

This HTC One mobile phone case is a perfect example of how design meets functionality. It has a classic black PU leather finish with magnet closures and flip style to give you quick and easy access to your phone.








 HTC One / Rubber CoatedRubber Coated

Sprout’s mobile phone cases are built to be stylish and functional and the Rubber Coated HTC One case does not disappoint. With dual rubber coating to create a pretty shiny layer this case ensures your phone is safe whilst still looking great.







 HTC One / Super thin flipSuper Thin Flip

A super popular and funky HTC One case Sprout is proud to put their name on. Featuring super thin leather finish in classic black, this case is streamlined for added protection and fashionable appeal.








 HTC One / Tuff CaseTuff Case

A mobile phone case with serious punch and pizazz, it offers HTC One users dual protection with a soft silicon inner layer with a tough plastic exterior. It will give you peace of mind whilst offering some badass street cred.

Sprout has many quality mobile accessories and mobile phone cases available. Take a look for yourself and let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page which funky HTC One cases takes your fancy.  

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