Everything you wanted to know about the Telstra Dave 29/09/2014
A rugged 4G Android smart phone, ZTE T83 Telstra Dave is excellent for rural and metro coverage
Everything you wanted to know about the Telstra Dave

What makes the Telstra Dave, also known as the ZTE T83 Telstra Dave, so different to other mobile phones? Well, it's the very first Telstra rugged phone to be equipped with a touch screen. Before this, rugged phones had yet to catch up with the 21st century, being fitted with old-school push buttons. So you can think about the ZTE T83 Telstra Dave as offering the best of two beautiful worlds: on one hand, it's built to handle outdoor life; on the other, it has many of the features that you might expect of an up-to-date smart phone.

ZTE T83 Telstra Dave made for the great outdoors

Two important features make the ZTE T83 Telstra Dave ready for the rough and tumble of outdoor living. One, its IP67 waterproof to one metre. So, you can't exactly take it deep sea diving, but you could look at in in the rain or drop it in a puddle without having an anxiety attack. Second, its 4 inch capacitive touch screen is made of Gorilla Glass, a toughened glass that can handle dust more easily than your average glass. 

Keep connected with the ZTE T83 Telstra Dave 

Given Australia's huge area, long distances and relatively small population, it's not always easy to stay connected. Rural areas are notorious for reception 'black holes'! But the ZTE T83 Dave features a Blue Tick 4G LTE handset, which means that it provides great coverage in both metro and rural areas. Again, this makes it rather attractive to anyone whose job involves extensive travelling, allowing them to stay in touch with clients, family and friends even when spending a long time away from home or HQ.

Telstra Dave zte t83

ZTE T83 Telstra Dave Specs

On top of its suitability to the outdoors, the Telstra Dave also boasts some rather impressive specs. Its operating system is of the Android 4.1.2 variety and inside you'll find a 1.2GHz dual core processor. There's Bluetooth 3.0, complete with stereo headset support; FM radio; an mp3 player; A-GPS; and a 5 megapixel camera featuring auto-focus, flash and zoom.

What's more, storage space is ample, in the form of 4GB of flash memory and the possibility of up to 32GB microSD storage. So you'll never be short of somewhere to keep your favourite tunes, movies, photos and multimedia projects. 

Sprout and the Telstra Dave

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