Did Samsung Copy Apple with a Gold Galaxy S4? 25/10/2013
Samsung is playing for market share with a release of new Samsung Galaxy S4 colours, but what are they and where can you get them?
Did Samsung Copy Apple with a Gold Galaxy S4?

Everyone knows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Samsung have certainly given Apple a confidence boost with their latest news. On September 25th Samsung announced they were releasing a Gold Brown and Gold Pink Samsung Galaxy S4 to their range in the Middle East.

The new addition to their Galaxy S4 colours is enough to call on the chicken and the egg debate. Who conceived the new colour option first - Apple or Samsung? Perhaps it was Samsung or perhaps they were just feeling left out since the Apple rumours and subsequent public release of the Gold iPhone 5S. Either way it seems a gold Samsung Galaxy S4 is here.

Technology observers believe Samsung has released the colour only in the Middle East to test the consumer waters. It is smart to see how consumers react to the two new colours before releasing them into mainstream, Western markets they believe.

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