Apple quietly launches the iPad Air 16/12/2013
Is this the quietest Apple launch of all time? We take a sneak peak at the new iPad Air
Apple quietly launches the iPad Air

It’s unusual for Apple to launch a new product without a whole lot of fanfare, but that’s exactly what happened with the new iPad Air  in November. Rumour has it; the quiet, midweek launch of the latest iPad was because of concerns over supply when Apple rejected a bunch they considered had dodgy panels.

So while Apple sorts out supply, we had a sneaky look at the latest tablet the whole world will soon know about!

Of course the biggest news is the Retina display. Yep, the clarity and resolution of images and text on the 9.7 in screen is just awesome. At 2048x1536 and 264 pixels per inch, this display is better than HDTV.

The new kid on the iPad block is also out to outperform its predecessors with a 64-bit A7 chip that gives you the power of a desktop in the palm of your hand. The iPad Air will run CAD programs and even allow you to edit 1080p HD video.

Other enhancements on the first generation include a 10hr battery life, better wireless connectivity thanks to two antennas instead of one and benefits of the iOS7 like smarter multi-tasking and ‘AirDrop’ file store and share.

If you’re already sold on the iPad 2, you’re going to love it the iPad Air – it’s everything you love… improved! 

And if the idea of being able to do pretty much anything you can on your desktop on a tablet that weighs just 469 grams* appeals, be sure to check out the iPad Air

You’ll need to be quick if you want to get hold of one of these beauties. 

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