Windows Update Allows For Future of Huge Smartphones 20/11/2013
What does Microsoft's new update 3 for the Windows Phone mean for the smart phone now and into the future?
Windows Update Allows For Future of Huge Smartphones

Windows Phone appears to have won the contest of the smartphone platform rankings ahead of Blackberry to come third in the competitive mobile phone market behind iPhone and Android. With Blackberry sales tanking lately the Windows Phone is positioned to gain some serious ground.

Microsoft Update 3 

Microsoft is about to announce their third update to the Windows Phone this year which is set to support the growing trend of Phablets. Currently their mobile phone’s screen size maxes out at 11.9 centimetres which, compared with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, is hardly ground-breaking. The new update expected from Microsoft will allow OS display screens to run with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution up to 15.2 centimetres in size. This will lead the way for new Windows Phones to take on a much larger stature.

What are Phablets?

Phablet is an evolving term used to explain the increasing size of mobile phones to almost tablet size. They aren’t quite the size of an iPad mini, but they do tower over even the new larger-screened iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Microsoft look set to announce their intention to enter the Phablet market at their Abu Dhabi event on October 22 2013.

Windows Phone and the Future

Greg Sullivan, Microsoft’s senior product manager suggested their intention of creating a larger screen smartphone recently by stating that “The larger screens aren’t that great if you don’t actually take advantage of the increase in real estate”. He commented of the Microsoft development team “We have the headspace; it’s just a matter of doing it”. Technology analysts and observers are keen to see what the Windows Phone event will unveil, but are still questioning if Microsoft has what it takes to compete with the iPhone and Android markets long term.

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