Samsung Galaxy S4 - a wave maker in the smart phone market 23/05/2013
Have you checked out the new Samsung Galaxy S4 yet? Here is our run down.
Samsung Galaxy S4 - a wave maker in the smart phone market

If you are in the market for a new smart phone, the market is flooded with amazing examples of technology, innovation and design. One stand out competitor is the Samsung Galaxy S4. It operates under the Google Android Jelly Bean processor and has advanced both its battery power (by 20%) and its screen size (0.2” increase) compared with the S3 model.

Packed with Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with features which are enough to delight even the most ardent Motorolla, iPhone or HTC user. Air gestures, air view, smart stay and smart scroll are the most notable advances in the phone’s feature set that are second-to-none in the smart phone world. Air gesture allows a user to answer a phone call by waving their hand, making use of a super-smart sensor on the phone. They can also use it to browse through scrolling image screens. Air view allows content to appear from within a folder by hovering your finger over the icon on the screen giving you the ability to see hierarchical menus or lists within pre-assigned Samsung apps.

Smart stay is an intuitive feature that pauses video when it senses you look away and plays it when your eye line returns to the screen.  Smart scrolling intuitively assists you with scrolling actions such as those that take place within web pages. Despite the particular drawbacks from brand new technology, these exclusive Samsung Galaxy S4 features are still a strong point of difference in a saturated smart phone market.

Features for this phone also include the ability to control your TV with the in-built IR blaster. It is an added bonus to an already feature-packed device. The camera on board is also impressive with 13mpx capable of taking camera-rivalled pictures.  It is enhanced by the dual shot software app that allows you to take a photo using the front and back lenses at the same time – enabling ‘selfie’ shots easily. Samsung has also included a multi-shot format which outlines multiple images in succession so that you can see the action going into an image.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a comprehensive and innovative design that will give its users functional and aesthetic appeal. The smart phone will not disappoint in terms of its street appeal and there is no greater way to enhance it than with one of Sprout’s funky phone case designs. Our Samsung Galaxy S4 phone cases have landed and we are super excited to show the crème-de-la-crop of designs. Sprout’s favourites are Cubed – an exclusive 3D design that offers artistic craftsmanship, Geo – spunky artistic colourful design on a hard shell and Zebra – a vibrant, yet protective case.

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