How the Wildlife Hospital Lends a Big Hand to Animals 01/11/2013
Want to help the Wildlife Hospital rescue sick and injured animals? Find out about the amazing things they do and how you can support them.
How the Wildlife Hospital Lends a Big Hand to Animals

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was set-up in honour of Steve Irwin’s mother, Lyn Irwin. Her tireless efforts in saving and caring for sick or injured animals in Queensland inspired the opening of the hospital in 2004, unfortunately after she had already passed away. After upgrading the facility in 2008 the Wildlife Hospital became the largest in Australia to address the growing need for medical support of wildlife.

Wildlife Hospital Operations

The hospital is a very busy place that is lucky enough to have a team of dedicated specialists and volunteers to meet the demand. Every day the hospital receives close to 100 emergency phone calls to help with wildlife incidents. Over 30 different species can be admitted to the hospital daily making it a vital service for animal conservation. Unfortunately, 70% of patients are victims of car accidents or domestic pet attacks which is a big reminder for us all to be vigilant with our own animals as well as our behaviour on the roads.

The hospital provides care, medical treatment and rescue services to a number of animals across south-east Queensland. They rehabilitate them before releasing them back into the wild. Rehabilitation takes place in the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital’s veterinary facility which has an intensive care room and laboratory, a number of housing areas for sick, injured, male and female koalas and an enclosure for orphaned koalas to learn how to climb with minimal human intervention. With several full-time and experienced veterinarians and vet nurses the Wildlife Hospital is well-equipped to provide excellent care to sick and injured animals.

Australia Zoo Helps Out

Australia Zoo is a major sponsor of the Wildlife Hospital and without their generosity it would be difficult for the facility to provide the high level of assistance it does. Treating one animal can cost anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars depending on the treatment they require. With Australia Zoo’s support the Wildlife Hospital is able to provide first-class 24-hour emergency care.

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How can you make a difference to Australia's Wildlife?

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