Our Top 4 Predictions for Mobile in 2013 02/05/2013
Want to know what the future of mobile is? Check out our Mobile Predictions for 2013 of course.
Our Top 4 Predictions for Mobile in 2013

Our mobile phones are everything to us these days – something we never leave the house without. Knowing this, Sprout figured it to be of rather high importance to check out some of the predictions for the Mobile Industry this year. Here are a few that struck our eye;

1.     Big Data in Big Demand. We are online all the time and as a result have a need for bigger and better data allowances. It will be interesting to see who will win the unlimited data package race as a result.
2.     Late Entrants to Showcase Branded Phones. Newcomers to the mobile game like Facebook , Microsoft and Amazon are said to be working on branded phones this year. We can’t wait to see how these phones look and feel, what sort of data usage will they come with? Will they be worth the wait – hopefully!
3.     Samsung is said to Dominate.  Samsung will continue to dominate the world of consumer mobile products this year with its strong distribution channel, good relationships with carriers and varied price range - it will take a lot to dethrone them.  Our customers will be glad to know they are also in the midst of launching a bunch of new products that are pretty competitively priced. Samsung are now leading innovators in their category which is a bit of a role reversal from where they were previously. We better get extra stock of our Samsung covers in!
4.     Wireless is King. Wireless technology is said to revive devices the smartphone has almost destroyed like; watches, digital cameras and day planners. Expect to see more wireless enabled devices like these in 2013. Our eyes are peeled!

There will no doubt be a few surprises along the way but we look forward to seeing; how Samsung will in fact fair up in the mobile rat race, wireless taking over our lives, new and interesting branded phones coming onto the market and network providers dealing with consumer’s huge demand for data. Let the games begin!

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