Crazy Animals and Their Hunger for Technology 08/05/2013
Hungry dog eats Sprouts Bluetooth Headphones what other technologies will animals eat?
Crazy Animals and Their Hunger for Technology

Our pets are part of our family and we tend to forget that they are not the same as people. We treat them as our best friends literally and overlook their innate need to explore the world with their mouths. If you are an animal owner you would know all too well the horrors of finding them covered in foreign material as they have chewed their way through your favourite pair of shoes, a throw cushion or even a set of headphones.

Our Facebook friend Katie shared the story of her lovable friend eating her new headphones. Her puppy pal liked the look of her stylish new headphones from Sprout so much that he decided to eat them! He did a real number on the protective cases around the speakers before deciding that the taste of foam and plastic wasn’t so delicious after all. The headphones were left useless after Katie’s puppy had a munchies attack, so we decided to send Katie a replacement pair of Sprout’s Bluetooth Headphones. The gesture was just a small part of our incredible customer service commitment.

Sprout’s focus is on providing fun and funky mobile and tablet accessories to increase the enjoyment of your technology products. Animals do have a thing for eating things that we love and we have seen a number of stories online about animals eating technology and we want to hear yours! So jump on Facebook and tell us about how your animal ate a piece of technology or better yet someone else’s!

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