5 major phone charging myths 20/08/2014
There are many myths out there about how and when you should charge your mobile phone. Here are 5 questions answering the major myths and worries.
5 major phone charging myths

Replacing a mobile phone battery isn't cheap, and gone are the days when it was as simple as changing the case. It isn't surprising that people are always looking for ways to protect the life and longevity of their smartphone battery, however, there are many myths based on old technology and misinformation. Here are a few of the most common ones debunked. 

1) Off-brand chargers damage your battery

There is some truth to this myth and using the $1 charger you purchased online is inadvisable, however, manufacturer approved chargers from legitimate brands are fine. These generally cost less than a genuine on-brand charger from Apple or Samsung, yet the quality is much higher than one that costs less than a cup of coffee. You've spent hundreds on the phone, why skimp on the charger?

2) Only recharge when your battery is dead

Battery technology has progressed to the point where the current lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries operate at their peak when charged everyday. Letting your battery drain and performing a "deep charge" can truncate the life if your battery and adversely affect its performance. Today's batteries are designed with an overcharge protection system and allowing the battery to fall to 0% can cause failure of this circuitry, which can prevent the battery from charging at all. 

3) Your battery can be overcharged

This myth is based around earlier mobile phones, and as mentioned above, today's phones include technology to prevent overcharging. This circuitry will stop energy going to the battery once it is full, however, caution is advised if using a cheap car charger as these generally do not feature this technology and may damage your battery or affect its performance. 

4) Charge a new phone battery for eight hours before using

You should charge your phone to 100%, but this is not going to take eight hours with modern equipment and fast chargers. Lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries are designed to be stored at 40% charge, meaning your phone will be usable right out of the box, and not fully charging it won't degrade the battery, as was the case with old nickel-cadmium batteries.

5) There is no need to ever turn your phone off

To maximise the life of your battery, you should turn off your phone from time to time. This is harder than it sounds; if you're like most people then you use your phone for music, messages and calls, and most importantly, as the alarm that gets you up in the morning. However, a simple reboot can help refresh and protect the life of your battery and get you more from it.

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