Sprout's Mobile Phone Chargers Are Just What the Doctor Ordered 28/10/2013
Sprouts chargers are safe and efficient and can be used in a number of ways for a variety of environments. Which one suits your needs?
Sprout's Mobile Phone Chargers Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

We all know the perils of not organising yourself or your mobile phone for the charging routine that it so sorely needs after being battered by long-hauls of Facebook stalking and eBay shopping. It can leave you with a flat friend. A dead-beat phone. There is an answer – a mobile phone charger everywhere you go. Sprout has phone chargers for your home, office and car to make sure you can juice up your phone whenever you need.

Sprout’s Mobile Phone Chargers

At Sprout we want to enhance and ensure that your favourite technology devices are safe and secure. This includes charging them. Sprout’s Mobile Phone Chargers are essential accessories for your iPhone, Samsung or HTC. We have a range to suit your device type and environment from AC Chargers for Micro USB, Universal and iPhone. Sprout also carries mobile phone chargers for the car to suit Universal, Micro USB and iPhone formats.  

Mobile Phone Battery Tips and Tricks

If you think about it our favourite smart phones and tablet devices are pocket-sized miracles dishing up information, crazy-games and music whenever the mood strikes us. However, none of it matters if your phone battery craps out. You need to look after the one you have as it is rare to find a device that will let you keep spare batteries. Here are some tips to get the most out of your battery and its super-juice powers:

  • Top the battery up whenever you can
  • Try to keep the battery charge north of 50%
  • Do run the battery from fully charged to fully flat once per month
  • Don’t leave it plugged in on the charger once the battery is full
  • Battery power is optimal when a device is taken off charge just before 100%
  • Keep your phone cool – hot phones degrade battery life
  • If, for some reason, you put your device away for a while leave it with a charge of at least 40% to protect the battery

 Sprout has everything you need to freshen up and functionalise your iPads, iPad minis and smart phones. We love bringing you products that are innovative and creative and we also love to hear which ones you love. Jump over to our Facebook or Twitter page and tell us which one of Sprout’s products is your favourite. 

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