New portable speaker combines awesome sound with hot looks 12/03/2014
The Sprout Nomad Bluetooth speaker is tough enough to be a perfect outdoor speaker and stylish enough to be your favourite indoor speaker.
New portable speaker combines awesome sound with hot looks

According to Wikipedia, the word ‘nomad’ describes someone who moves around seeking new pasture for livestock or in search of new hunting and gathering grounds. We’d like to add to that definition - a Nomad is also an amazing little speaker that moves around easily so you can play your favourite tunes anywhere you go!

The perfect outdoor speaker

It’s a hot day; you’re by the pool or at the beach with a cold drink, banana lounge, a few mates and some sparkling wet stuff. It’s the perfect Aussie summer day but there’s something missing? Music!

Invite the Sprout Nomad Bluetooth speaker to your next pool party and the hottest 100 will sound better than ever on a fair dinkum great summers’ day.

The Nomad Bluetooth speaker is just as happy being an outdoor speaker as an indoor one. And because it’s splash proof, shock proof, compact and wireless of course, it can go anywhere you do!

Stylish indoor speaker

If you care about looks when it comes to an indoor speaker, you’re going to love the Sprout Nomad Bluetooth speaker. Available in a choice of silver or gold industrial metal face plates, this speaker fits in perfectly with your industrial style interior, your retro inspired room or your Hollywood glamour abode.

A truly nomadic NFC compatible speaker

If you carry your music on your mobile, there’s always plenty of opportunity to play it out loud and the Sprout Nomad Bluetooth speaker lets you do that. With amazing 6W audio, compact go-anywhere design (including a handy carry tab) and tough but stylish looks, the Nomad is a portable speaker that makes it easier than ever to unleash your tunes anywhere.

Near Field Communication (NFC Compatible) means you can seamlessly pair your smartphone to the Nomad and still have full use of your phone (unlike a dock). Just by tapping the phone it’s also super-easy to pair other phones so you can switch between people’s playlists whenever you like.

At just $149.99, the Sprout Nomad Bluetooth speaker placed number 3 on our 10 most popular mobile accessories 2013 list. Pick one up at a Sprout stockist near you or online.

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